At Sevan, We Create.

We create Ideas. BIG IDEAS, small ideas, CirCulAr Ideas, SQuare Ideas, Real Ideas and Fictional Ideas. Our team will cater to your Film, Short film, TV Commercial, Corporate video, Promo and Music Video Ideas. These ideas can exhibit and represent who you are and what you do or just communicate what you have in mind. We are brand aware, and meticulous about how you come across to your customers, clients and audience. We will produce your ideas from scriptwriting it, to shooting, editing and mastering it. Your ideas will be nourished by our expertise as we work with you to see them grow by leaps and bounds, turning your clientele into loyalists and target audience into clientele. We will custom design your idea for your clientele and target audience, changing the way you see things. Let us know what your Idea is, we’ll CREATE it!!!

Evan JohnsonEvan Johnson  

With a lethal combination of creativity, business flair and a zen-like ability for understanding brand profiles, founder Evan uses his direction background of half a decade of commercial film experience in Bollywood and Television to stamp his unique mark on virtually every project that Sevan delivers. A key driver of the company business plan and an expert in the creative landscape of advertising, branding and digital media, Evan is always thinking of new ways to improve Sevan’s offering, while maintaining a hands on position as Director.



Rohan Ferreira

Rohan Ferreira
Technical Director

A master technical director powerhouse and Sevan’s primary in-house editor, Rohan is equally at home directing a twenty man crew in a greenscreen studio, or back at the office editing a short brand promo. Beginning his career ten years ago editing commercial films, TV commercials and corporate videos, Rohan joined his former college mate Evan to set up Sevan. Rohan plays a key role in the development of the business, working hard to create an enviable client list for Sevan, and taking charge no matter what challenge is thrown his or Sevan’s way.

Joslyn Braganza Joslyn Braganza
Music Producer/Composer

A TV and film music producer/composer creating music and sound design to commercial multimedia. Specialising in music and sound design for the moving image for a clientele which includes Vodafone, Airtel, Big Babol, Shopper’s Stop, Fair and Lovely,L.I.C, Nokia etc. Joslyn has been creating original music for films, TV commercials, corporate videos, games, dance, theatre and Podcast broadcasting. Enthusiastic well-motivated and accustomed to working to tight deadlines.